In line with the commitment of the CIDG to deliver the best police service to the public, the Group initiated more focused police operations which served as the Group’s Priority Thrusts in achieving its mission. These Priority Thrusts consisting of Oplan Salikop, Oplan Paglalansag Omega, and Oplan Pagtugis, provide the direction on the utilization of its resources to the optimum level, responsive to the present peace and order situation of the country. Other anti-criminality campaigns such as Oplan Bolilyo, Oplan Sagip Anghel, Oplan Megashopper, and other law enforcement activities are likewise given equal importance in the attainment of the goal of the PNP for a safe and economically sound community.

This number presents the operational accomplishments of the CIDG for November 6 to 12, 2023 consistent with the Program Thrusts of the PNP and in accordance with its mandate.