We do what is necessary to meet our priorities. At a time when there is an urgent need to pursue a renewed emphasis on police accountability and to support the government’s nationwide campaign against illegal drugs and criminality, we made certain that we deliver the quality investigative services necessary.

The CIDG implemented the Target Output Policy (TOP) through the issuance of Command Memorandum Circular (CMC) No. 2015-02, as revised by CMC 2016-01 to articulate our investigative and operational priorities. The TOP was designed and implemented to give direction and focus to Chiefs of Units in their work performance by setting specific target outputs and timelines for accomplishment. It encompasses both a core performance measurement framework built around high-level outcomes of the CIDG’s mandated tasks. The results are used as bases for the unit performance rating. It will also confer award for good performance and possible relief of the unit commander for poor performance.

Driven by the Group’s comprehensive performance metrics, we continue to evaluate our strategies to ensure our effectiveness by focusing our efforts on priority directives from President Rodrigo R Duterte to stamp out corruption, illegal drugs and major crimes in the country.

We were able to match the dynamism of the PNP’s nationwide campaign. We are proud that the CIDG’s performance was more effective applying the Target Output Policy. We have focused on our targets based on our goals. We didn’t look in any other direction but ahead.