May 24, 2023 (Wednesday) – On separate manhunt operations, two former members of the Communist Terrorist Group after years of hiding from the arms of the law were captured by the CIDG in Davao region.

In a report to CIDG Director, PBGen Romeo M Caramat Jr., the arrested accused were identified as 39-year-old JULITO SAMING MAGANDING a.k.a Bruno and 29-year-old JEFFREY BATAWAN SAMLING.

Samling, a former member of GF72 of Davao del Sur was arrested after almost 8 years of hiding through a warrant for the crime of Murder issued by Hon. Judge Magnolia C. Velez, RTC, 11th Judicial Region, Branch 20, Digos City, Davao del Sur dated July 15, 2015 with No Bail recommended.

While Maganding, a former member of DGF TALA FSMR (squad leader) from Davao Occidental who evaded justice for more than 5 years was apprehended under a Warrant of Arrest (WOA) for Rebellion issued by Hon. Judge Caefelita B. Cadiente Flores, RTC, 11th Judicial Region, Branch 61, Digos City, Davao del Sur on November 28, 2017, with recommended bail of Php 200,000.00.

Accused were brought to the respective arresting field office for documentation and subsequently turned over to the Philippine Army for custodial debriefing.

“The arrest of Samling and Maganding prove that no matter how long criminals tried to conceal themselves from the legal consequences of their offense, the arm of the law is never short to ensure that justice will be served,” Director CIDG PBGen Romeo M Caramat JR added. ###